Spotify is one of the fastest-growing companies of the past few years. It’s the second most popular streaming service in terms of subscribers, and it’s quickly becoming one of the world’s most admired companies. With a headquartered in Sweden, Spotify is known for its laid-back company. The culture and generous perks for employees, Spotify careers are some of the hottest jobs in tech. Resumes are piling up from interested developers, project managers, and designers.

If you’re wondering how to land a job at Spotify, this article will give you the deep dive on the company. You’ll learn their hiring practices, and what they look for in qualified candidates. Working at Spotify usually comes with a great salary and excellent perks. They only hire highly qualified applicants, and it can be difficult to get noticed. So, the key is to come up with an interesting way to get noticed.

Where Can I Get a Job with Spotify?

The majority of the jobs available with Spotify are in their three main offices: New York, Stockholm, and London.

Spotify offers a relocation package that includes assistance in finding a home, temporary housing, direct flights to your new city, and a furniture allowance.

How Do I Get a Spotify Job?

Landing a job at Spotify is not easy, but it’s possible with the right approach. According to a Mashable writeup, Spotify’s standard hiring process involves submitting a resume, passing one or more phone interview, then coming to the Spotify office for a half day of interviews. Submitting your resume through the Spotify Careers portal can land you a job, but with all the competition your chances are slim.

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One recruiter for Spotify told Cosmopolitan that Spotify looks for referrals from current employees before they reach into the pile of resumes submitted online. This makes sense, because Spotify receives thousands of resumes and sorting through them all takes time and effort. Instead of submitting your resume to that huge pile, if you want to get a job at Spotify, the easiest way is to know someone at Spotify.

This is where good networking comes into play. Growing your network is important for any job hunt, not for just trying to work at Spotify. Use LinkedIn and ask your friends about people they know who might work at Spotify to see if you already have any connections. If not, cold emailing or connecting on LinkedIn with current Spotify employees can work. Set up an informational interview to learn more about the company and the industry. TOP TIP:  Don’t ask for a job right away. Instead, play the long game and build relationships with the Spotify team. If you want to work at Spotify, you’ll need patience to make it a reality.

How Does Spotify Work with Its Employees?

Spotify has a great track record of employee satisfaction. A recent profile in Fast Company described the company’s work environment as fast paced and exciting. Music lovers will enjoy working at Spotify, as artists regularly drop by to perform live for the staff. Of course, you get full access to Spotify’s catalog as an employee. Other perks include high average salaries, stock options, flexible work arrangements, and paid family leave.

Spotify is looking for music lovers who want to learn. According to a Business Insider interview, Spotify also hires the best of the best. If you’re not confident in your skills, whatever your industry, you should consider spending a few years at another company learning the ropes before applying to Spotify. Successful candidates also have a keen understanding of the business side of the music industry. Spotify is a for-profit company. As much as they want music lovers, they also want shrewd decision-makers on their team.

How Employees Feel About Their Spotify Careers

Spotify employees overwhelmingly love their jobs. Overall, the company is rated 4.3 out of 5 on Glassdoor, based on reviews from current and former employees. Reviewers praise the company’s great benefits package and work/life balance. It also says a lot about the company that one of the biggest “cons” of working at Spotify, according to Glassdoor, is “too much free food.”

Of course, Spotify is a company that’s growing rapidly and there are difficulties working there. Many reviewers expressed frustration with the lack of structure, process, and clear goals on their teams. The fast growth also means employees have to be flexible and sometimes work long hours to meet expectations.

Spotify can be a great company to work for if you’re entrepreneurial, flexible, and great at self-direction. The company culture and team spirit routinely receive praise from business experts. Working for Spotify means you’ll receive a lot of autonomy to execute your job functions how you see fit. It also means you’ll be held accountable for producing results on time and under budget.

What is Job Growth Like at Spotify?

For starters, Spotify is constantly recruiting and hiring new employees. In 2014, they hired over 350 people in 20 different locations.

The teams at Spotify that are growing the fastest are growth, sales, design, and engineering.

How Does Spotify Recruit Candidates?

Most of Spotify’s candidates come from internal referrals. They also come from incredibly passionate individuals who used a creative method on their application to get noticed by the recruiting team.

Spotify reviews all of the applications that come to their website, so you can apply directly there and see for yourself if you get noticed or not.

Preparing for a Spotify Interview

Spotify generally looks for employees who are engaged, active users of Spotify. However, they want their employees to, at the very least, have a basic understanding of the music streaming business.

If you’re going to be going into an engineering job at Spotify, they want you to have some understanding of agile methodologies.

Contact Spotify Jobs to Submit an Application

You can contact Spotify via their jobs portal if you’re just looking to submit an application online. However, Spotify has 18 offices around the world and it might be useful to narrow your search geographically. You can contact Spotify offices separately to get in touch with the right person for hiring and recruitment in your area.

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