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That’s right, everyone’s favorite Swedish furniture store has a line of Bluetooth speakers – the Ikea Eneby Bluetooth Speaker line. Additionally, the store has announced that they have an upcoming collaboration with Sonos. But, don’t rush out to the store just yet, these speakers won’t be released until 2019.

In the meantime, we’d like to highlight some of the features of the existing Ikea speaker line, discuss the pricing, and examine reviews around the web.

The Ikea Eneby Speaker is Offered in Two Varieties

The Ikea Eneby Bluetooth Speaker is offered in two sizes – an 8 inch and a 12 inch.

While both are portable, the 8-inch size is clearly intended to be more portable than its larger counterpart. The 8-inch Bluetooth speaker can be purchased alongside a removable battery that can power the speaker for up to ten hours on a single charge. Also, the 8-inch model has a carrying handle.

The 12-inch variety cannot be powered by a battery but is small enough still to be moved around your home at will. There is a wall-mounting bracket and a table-top stand for both sizes of the Ikea Eneby available for purchase online that allow you to more permanently use the speaker in your home, though it works just as well as a standalone speaker.

They Look Simple, But Are They?

The minimalist design might throw you off. The Ikea Eneby is not a simple speaker.

The speaker works right out of the box. Luckily, you don’t have to undergo the well-known Ikea assembly process. The only manual control on the unit is the lone dial on the front of the unit. This dial controls volume but also intuitively adjusts equalization.

The speakers have Bluetooth connectivity and can connect to up to eight devices simultaneously. The Eneby line of speakers doesn’t exclude non-Bluetooth devices as it has a 3.5mm jack for a hard-wired line in.

If the mesh-front design doesn’t suit your aesthetic, you can remove the screen and expose the speakers for a more minimalist design. Ikea offers the Eneby speakers in two-colors. Both sizes of speakers are available in a black design or a lighter gray.

Pricing of the Ikea Eneby Bluetooth Speaker Line

The Eneby speaker line is actually fairly affordable for the quality of audio you get and the solid construction offered. The smaller size speaker is sold for $49 and the larger size is sold for $89.

Accessories for the line of speakers are also quite affordable. The Eneby Speaker Stand is available for only $10 and raises the speaker and angles it slightly for optimal sound. The Eneby Battery Pack is a $20 add-on that adds ten-hours of unplugged power for the 8-inch speaker.

Other Ikea Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

The affordability of the speaker as well as the novelty of it being Ikea branded has led many different reporters to review these speakers. We’ll examine some Ikea reviews from verified purchasers of the products as well as some expert opinions.

In addition to a five-star rating, one user left a review of the 12-inch model of the Ikea Eneby speaker and had rave commentary to add.

“Sounds like it could cost $300-$400. I cannot believe how great it sounds. Amazing bass. Great treble. Gets LOUD. Never distorts. Buy this. Wish volume knob felt slightly more substantial, but that’s really nitpicking.”

Tim, from PCMag reviewed both the 8 inch and 12-inch models of the speakers and preferred the larger of the two.

“For $100, or even $150, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a better-sounding Bluetooth speaker than the 12-inch Eneby. Sure, a second tweeter could provide a true stereo experience, but the same criticism can be thrown at nearly every other sub-$100 speaker. And the ability to link with another Eneby to create a stereo pair would also be nice, but perhaps that can be an upgrade down the road. As is, the Eneby is shockingly good. The bar has been raised for affordable Bluetooth audio, and Ikea earns our Editors’ Choice.”

On another Ikea review, a purchaser left a 3-star rating with some minor complaints.

“The speaker is beautiful but it is missing the key feature for stereo setup(TWS) and the battery duration could be much longer to be useful/practical. Lastly, the 12V power input could allow to use the speaker in the car/van/SUV, instead of 115v.”

Don’t Underestimate the Ikea Bluetooth Speaker

Ikea is slowly creeping into the tech world. You could easily underestimate the Ikea Bluetooth speaker but you’d be amiss to do so. As Ikea continue breaking ground in smart-home technology, audio, and visual tech, it will be exciting to see what additional Bluetooth speakers they may release.

As we mentioned, they have a collaboration with Sonos impending. What else could be on the horizon?

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