The 7 Best Computer Cases You Need To Know For Your Next Build

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There’s nothing as interesting as building your own computer.

Not only is it a great weekend project, but it also helps you build your own custom computer to your exact specifications – no compromise.

And the best part is that you also save yourself a lot of money in the process.

But in order to build the best computer you can for yourself, you’ll need to get a good computer case.

And that, my friend, is why it’s your lucky day today. Because today, I want to show you the best X computer cases you can get for your project.

But before we look at those computer cases, let’s clear a few things off the table first. Things that will help you make an informed decision as you select your computer case.

Understanding Computer Cases

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Before I show you the best computer cases you should consider, I believe it’s imperative that you understand what a computer case is and the purpose it serves in building and using your computer.

What is a Computer Case?

So, what exactly is a computer case?

A computer case is the housing, or cabinet that encloses all the components of a computer. It comes pre-fitted with a power supply.

Other names computer cases are known by include, box, housing, tower, chassis, and a few others.

The main function of a computer case, as we have already, is to serve as a hub on which every component your computer needs is connected to.

You could say it is your computer’s skeleton as every component of your computer hinges on it.

4 Main Purposes Of A Computer Case

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Besides housing the components of your computer, there are several other purposes that a computer case serves, which include but are not limited to:


The components that make up your computer, components like the motherboard, hard drive, graphics cards, and many others, are very sensitive and need protection from dust, liquids, and even a simple touch.

This makes it necessary to have a case that offers exceptional protection for these components if your computer is to be durable.

Provides a Cool Environment

Another important function of a computer case is to provide a cool environment for the components of your computer that are sensitive to heat.

Proper airflow over your hardware components is essential to keep them from overheating and malfunctioning or getting destroyed completely. That is why you find the best computer cases are optimized for maximum airflow by way of well-designed vents and feature powerful fans.

Without the computer case enclosing these sensitive parts, the fan would become useless as the cool air it blows would just dissipate into the air.

Reduces Noise Pollution

The best computer cases are designed in such a way as to minimize the noise you hear from noisy components like fans, thereby giving you a better experience than you would with the whirring sound of the fans in your ears.

Aesthetic Beauty

Computer cases also serve the important purpose of giving your computer its shape and looks. Although you may think all you need is the functionality of a computer case, you can’t run away from the fact that you want your creation to have a wow factor.

After all, no one wants a hideous hodgepodge of components in the name of a computer to detract from the order in their room. And I know you definitely wouldn’t.

This is why the best computer cases also feature aesthetically pleasing lines and curves, making it easy for you to place your computer anywhere without being embarrassed by your creation (even if it has some internal flaws, no one will know).

Now that you know what a computer case is and what purposes it serves, let’s get to another important aspect.

How To Buy A Computer Case

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Are all computer cases created equal?

Definitely not.

Computer cases come in different form factors (size, shape, and specifications) that determine the kind of computer you want to build.

As a novice, what factors do you consider when buying a computer case?

Size Does Matter

One of the first things to consider in buying a computer case is the size of the computer you want.

Computer cases come in 3 main sizes. Below are brief descriptions of each size.

  • Full Tower. This is the largest computer case you can find and usually measure upwards of 20-inches. Full tower cases can have anywhere between 6 to 10 externally accessible drive bays. These are the best computer cases for those who want to equip their computer with a massive Extended-ATX motherboard and other extensive hardware components like 3 or 4-way graphics card setups, water cooling systems, and massive storage. You can also kit them with ATX and micro-ATX motherboards.
  • Mid Tower. Mid tower cases are the most common computer case size and usually measure in the ranges of 18-inches high and 8-inches in width and can have 4 to 6 drive bays. You can load them with an ATX or micro-ATX motherboard and they have enough room to fit systems with closed-loop CPU coolers, a couple of graphics cards, and plenty of storage.
  • Mini Tower. These are the smallest computer cases available and as can be expected and can have 1 or 2 drive bays. These can’t house some hardware components. For example, you can’t house a liquid cooling system or full-length graphics cards. Recent technological advancements are however making it possible to house powerful systems in these small cases.

Features And Price

When looking for one of the best computer cases for yourself, you’ll have to consider the features you want the case to come with.

But keep in mind, there is a direct relationship between features and price.

This means the more features you have, the pricier your computer case becomes.

Some of the basic features to look out for include but are not limited to power supply, cooling compatibilities, connectivity, and cable management.

With all that being said, I think you are now ready to look at some of the best computer cases you can find on the market.

To make it easy for you, I’ll divide them into their various sizes so that you can immediately jump to your desired size if you so wish.

The 7 Best Computer Cases For Your Next Build

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I believe you are now ready to build your own computer. And as the housing is the most important feature to start with, let me show you some of the best computer cases you need to strongly consider.

We’ll start with full tower cases.

If you are looking to build a massive and powerful computer to serve you as a workstation, gaming computer or simply want enough room for further upgrades, a full tower computer case will serve you better.

Let’s start with 3 of the best full tower cases to help you along with your next build.


Cooler Master Cosmos C700P E-ATX Full-Tower with RGB Lighting,...
  • Flexible interior: Removable, rotatable, inversed motherboard layout
  • Drive Bays support: 2. 5 /3. 5 inch HDD, 2. 5 inch SSD. Iconic aluminum handles

The Cooler Master Cosmos C700P computer case is a massive case that can easily house a full custom water cooling setup, some radiators, and even the largest GPU.

If you can handle the price tag, this is one of the best computer cases you can find as it affords you more customization than most other full tower cases on the market. The Cosmos C700P is easy to take apart and features an inner plate that can be changed around to manipulate airflow or build the best setup to suit your needs.

Need massive storage?

The Cosmos C700P has enough room to house many SSDs (o regular drives). And if it’s more fans you need, bring them on as this case is roomy enough to allow you to pack a lot of goodies without cramping the space.

If you are a serious modder, this could be the best computer case for you.

The only downside is that your build will be too big to be portable (but then there’s really no need to).


NZXT Phantom 530 Full Tower Computer Case, Glossy Black (CA-PH530-B1)
  • Fully modular, interchangeable hard drive cages
  • Single channel, 30w fan controller with integrated fan hub

NZXT is a name that is now synonymous with reliable and easy to work with computer cases.

And the NZXT Phantom 530 full tower case is no exception.

This is one of the company’s more affordable computer cases but still comes packed with features and room to satisfy any builder.

The NZXT Phantom 530 features fully modular hard drive bays, an integrated fan controller, water-cooling support with radiators of up to 360mm. With enough room to house ATX motherboards with either an SLI or CrossFire setup, this is definitely one case you need to consider if you are looking for a versatile case that affords you exceptional flexibility.

Priced at, this is great value for money considering the quality of the case and the efficient airflow that will keep all your components cool.


Thermaltake Core P5 Black Edition ATX Open Frame Panoramic Viewing Tt...
  • Panoramic Open Frame Design: Take advantage of full panoramic viewing to give an unrivaled chassis presentation
  • 3-way Placement Layouts: Designed for Wall-mount, Horizontal or Vertical layouts, the Core P5 is flexible for multiple...

If you like seeing the insides of your computer without having to open it up, there are a number of computer cases that feature panoramic open frame designs, but most are a bit on the pricier end.

Not the Thermaltake Core P5 full tower case though.

This is a gorgeous computer case that comes with a sweet price tag.

The Thermaltake Core P5 features a fully modular design that allows multiple configurations, giving you superb flexibility for your custom computer build.

And the added liquid cooling system is a plus as you will be able to load your machine with more powerful CPUs and GPUs.

If you are on a budget, this is one of the best computer cases you can get for your project.

Perhaps a full tower is just too massive for you and you prefer a mid-tower case, no problem, I’ve got you.


CORSAIR Carbide SPEC-04 Mid-Tower Gaming Case- Grey
  • Angular exterior design with large, tinted side panel window: The asymmetrical, hard-edged design adds bold styling to...
  • Room up to for five 120mm fans: Tons of room for excellent cooling potential with one 120mm front fan preinstalled

Looking for an excellent mid-tower case that won’t burn a hole in your pocket?

The Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-04 is one of the best computer cases that strikes the perfect balance between price and functionality.

It will only set you back.

Featuring an interior roomy enough to afford you the opportunity for future expansion and a very good amount of airflow, the Corsair Carbide Series-04 is a real steal. And if you want to build a gaming rig, you can easily fit a full-sized graphics card.

After you’re done with your build, the tempered glass side panel will afford you the pleasure of showing off your handiwork.


Fractal Design Define R5 - Mid Tower Computer Case - ATX - Optimized...
  • Optimally designed for silent computing with high density noise-reducing material throughout the case for maximum sound...
  • Extensive water cooling support for a case of this size; housing radiators up to 420mm in the top and 360mm in the front

The Fractal Design Define R5 is another excellent choice if you are looking for a mid-tower case that is easy to use and good to look at.

However, you have to be cognizant of the fact that although this is an easy-to-work-with computer case, you will require tools to work with it.

The biggest strength of the Design D5 is that it was designed to be soundproof. Featuring noise-dampening materials in its interior, not a sound will escape to ruin your experience as you use your PC.

One thing you’ll also appreciate about this computer case is its ability to house a water cooling system despite its size. Add the 2 dedicated SSD slots and you probably have yourself one of the best computer cases can get you.

Looking for something smaller?

Then read on.


Antec Performance Series P7 Window Green Mid-Tower PC Computer Case...
  • Transparently windowed side panel to show off your build with independently disassembled front panel for a neat building...
  • Direct cooling with a 120mm rear fan pre-installed and 120/140mm fan mounts; radiator support with the max 360mm Liquid...

If you are a fan of the green 3-headed dragon, A.K.A Razer, and are looking for a beautiful and portable computer case, then the Antec Cube is the best computer case for you.

Razer partnered with Antec to make this compact computer case with one of the smallest form-factors around that supports Mini-ITX motherboards.

But despite the small design, the Antec Cube still has ample space for future expansion.


Corsair CC-9011069-WWCORSAIR Carbide AIR 240 Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX...
  • Stunning, yet small Mini-ITX or MicroATX compatible PC case with excellent cooling performance - three 120mm fans...
  • Cleaner layout for the ultimate cooling cube

The first thing that will strike you about the Corsair Carbide Air 240 is its stunning panoramic frame design.

This is one of the best computer cases as far as portability is concerned, especially since it is compatible with both Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards.

Most compact computer cases are not designed for super high performance, but the Carbide Air 240 was designed just for that, affording you great power in a small chassis.

Despite its compact size, the Carbide 240 has enough room for excellent airflow and is able to accommodate an advanced water-cooling system with up to 2x240mm radiators and can also host 9 fans.

With the ability to host high-end and super-performance components, this is definitely one of the best small form computer cases around.

The Best Computer Cases – Something For Everyone

When it comes to building your own PC, there’s no shortage of computer cases to meet your specific needs. And that is a problem as such a great pool to choose from can actually make it difficult to pick the best case for your needs.

But with this distilled list, you definitely won’t have that problem – and you surely won’t regret picking any of the cases listed.


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