War is as old as civilization. Since the medieval times, the goal of warfare has always been the same – to win. But to get the better of the enemy, military leaders have always needed some sort of advantage over their opponents, and this gave rise to warfare revolution.

One of the key drivers of warfare revolution has been technology. Through technological advancements, humanity has discovered game-changing military weapons that have greatly shaped the landscape of modern warfare.

Here are 7 new military weapons that have revolutionized modern warfare:

7 Technologies That Have Transformed Modern Warfare

1. Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) Bomb

The Massive Ordnance Penetrator is America’s biggest standard bomb, weighing at 30,000 pounds. This precision-guided beast can blast through just about anything, including underground bunkers. It can tear through reinforced concrete walls of up to 60 feet, and detonate at a depth of 200 feet.

The Massive Ordnance Penetrator bomb was first tested in 2007. Following its successful testing, it was procured by the US Air Force as a backup plan for destroying Iran’s dangerous nuclear plants if need be.

2. The MQ-9 Reaper Drone

The U.S.’s MQ-9 reaper is an unmanned drone that uses laser technology to execute air to ground strikes. It is also equipped with four laser-guided missiles that can be used to neutralize aerial threats from a remote area.

In addition to its combat capabilities, the MQ-9 is also used for surveillance. It can read your car’s plates from an altitude of up to 52,000 feet provided you are within a 2-mile radius!

3. The Chinese Anti-Satellite Program

In 2007, the People Liberation Army ushered in a  new era in modern warfare. In a single, worrying move, the Chinese government took out a de-commissioned weather satellite and successfully militarized the outer space.

Although regulatory bodies shunned the move, China’s successful test was earmarked as the pioneer of space militarization.

4. Fly-by-Wire Technology

Fly-by-Wire flight control technology has completely revolutionalized the way military pilots control air crafts. Instead of the traditional manual flight controls, military pilots can now maneuver the control mechanisms more precisely using computer generated signals.

This new technology automatically stabilizes military aircraft without the pilot’s manual input.

5. The V-22 Osprey

The multipurpose V-22 Osprey is the staple means of transport for U.S. Marines. It boasts the ability to land and take off vertically, just like an ordinary helicopter. However, it shouldn’t be mistaken for a copter as it can reach almost the same speeds as a fixed-wing plane.

Because of its vertical landing capability, the  V-22 Osprey is used in operations that normal planes can’t take part in since they need a long runway. It has also been earmarked as a potential platform for aerial refueling.

6. Laser Weapons

Laser guns use directed energy beams to destroy targets. They can be used as weapons of destruction by themselves, or in complementary roles.

The U.S. Military uses laser technology to protect helicopters from heat-seeking missiles. Since these types of missiles are guided by infrared light, military helicopters are equipped with a system that jams the infrared signal. A laser beam is then used to blind the missile’s sensors and detonate it.

Lasers are also used to supplement other military weapons such as guns and missiles. If long range shooters or missiles are having trouble finding a target, laser designators are used to guide them by “painting” a spot on the target.

Since permanently blinding weapons are prohibited by the U.N., laser technology is used to design modern “dazzlers” that temporarily blind and disorientate enemy troops. Additionally, the laser light is used to overload electronic sensors and also blind them.

With their precise targeting and a beam of energy that travels at the speed of light, laser weapons have certainly made a mark on the landscape of modern warfare.

7. Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) Missile Systems

THAAD Missiles are one of the best missile defense systems in the world. Their precision is so accurate that they can hunt down airborne enemy missiles and destroy them instantly.

These missiles are mounted on a truck for mobility and strategic positioning on the battlefield. Incredibly, THAAD missiles don’t have a warhead. Instead, they use kinetic energy to neutralize ballistic missiles within or beyond the planet’s atmosphere.

Each launcher has a maximum capacity of eight missiles.

A Worrisome Future?

Even with these incredible developments, superpowers are still pushing the limits of technology for militarization.  With new weapons of mass destruction being developed every year, we can only hope that World War III never comes.

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