In today’s world of constant work demands and digital bombardment, how do you stay focused? How do you make your brain active all day long?

While being the most powerful organ in our body, our brain’s focus tends to be pulled to a lot of things simultaneously and this significantly limits the way we perform a particular task. Multitasking may sound nice on your resume, but people who juggle several batches of information at the same time do not memorize, pay attention, or manage tasks as well as those who monotask.

And it’s not hard to get your brain to function at a much superior performance level – all you need to do is to hack it.

Brain hacking is taking the brain and its capacity to a higher level without any spiritual prowess, arcane rituals, or higher learning. Basically, it involves exercising your self-control techniques and vagus nerves to unlock impressive potential and help you control depression and anxiety.

7 Brain Hacks to Try Out

Here are some effective ways to hack your brain:

1. Rewire Your Emotions

If it were not for your emotional baggage, you could be a lot smarter and productive. Meditation and yoga are good ways of rewiring your brain off negative associations and mental baggage that have been dragging you behind.

These two practices will help you to accept your failures, move on, and appreciate yourself more. In this sense, your brain is more relaxed and capable of tackling different situations effectively.

2. Challenge Yourself

A bored brain is a slow brain.

Nothing keeps your brains on toes like regularly challenging it with things you’ve never done before. Learn a new language, enroll in an art class, go for martial art lessons, learn to play a new instrument – basically anything that will juggle up those vagal nerves.

Apart from hacking your brain, you’ll have also picked up a new skill which can be useful later in your life.

3. Write Down Your Thoughts

If you have anything troubling your mind, jot it down. Writing down how you feel and what you are thinking will have a therapeutic effect on your brain, giving it a lot of relief. Once it’s down on paper, you will not have to keep worrying about it until the day you have to deal with it.

With a free brain, you are capable to do things better and precisely.

4. Speed Read

Books are always a great source of valuable information. Today, there’s a wide range of information hubs from magazines to online articles. In order to extract the necessary information from these resources, you have to read them. And to be even smarter, you have to read them quickly.

Speed reading involves reading as quickly as possible so that you gather more knowledge in a limited time than you usually do. This will make you smarter and help you avoid pitfalls in a task.

5. Reset Your Circadian Clock

Our minds and body are set to be active during the day and sleep during the night. However, with all the energy-induced beverages and artificial lighting, no one is having enough sleep these days. Our sleeping patterns are so irregular that they affect how our brains perform.

Nonetheless, you can reset your circadian clock by cutting down on caffeine and sugar and increasing the time you spend in the sun. Realigning your natural clock with the sun’s cycle will allow you to enjoy refreshing mornings and blissful nights.

Just remember to shut off bright lights, TVs, and your mobile devices before you go to sleep. If possible, avoid using them in the bedroom.

6. Nourish Your Brain

This is basically the most important hack for your brain.

Just like any other muscle in the body, your brain requires some nourishment to stay strong and function efficiently.

Brains need lots of carbs, protein, and Omega 3 for optimal cognitive performance. Ensure that you are getting enough these foods to fuel your brain for success. Some good suggestions include fish, grass-fed beef, and almond butter.

7. Use TDCS Devices

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS) devices serve as a tool that can modulate the neural circuits of your brain. They do this by lowering or increasing the neurons’ threshold of sending electrical impulses. By inhibiting or stimulating different regions of the brain, you can have complete control of it’s strength and power.

So, whether you deep in depression, suffering from memory loss, or caught in a relentless loop of anxiety, you can relieve your brain off the stress and tension with the help of these devices.

Not All Brain Hacks are Good

Did you know that social media can also hack your brain to keep you hooked on it? This was according to Tristan Harris, a former Google tech engineer. This means that you should keep your brain involved in helpful activities while avoiding detrimental one. Hack your brains for the better!

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