Bitcoin has taken over. Everywhere you look there is interest in Bitcoin. Across news outlets, social media, and blogs the topic of Bitcoin has fully taken over.

And now it’s on your phone.

That’s right you might be getting rid of your prized Samsung or Apple and trading it in for a Bitcoin Phone.

What Even is a Bitcoin Phone?

Welcome the Motif.

The Motif is a smartphone that is designed with cryptocurrency in mind.

Since this is the first of its kind, there are really no expectations. We’ll highlight some of the features of this revolutionary smartphone.

You’re probably wondering what specifics make a smartphone a “Bitcoin smartphone.” To start, the motif uses blockchain technology. Blockchain tech is the essential component behind the functionality of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s a register that is 100 percent secure, un-alterable and permanent as there is no centralized body maintaining it.

The phone also has a monetary incentive program for using it. The smartphone houses a digital wallet that stores rewards for use both in online and offline applications.

The operating system in the phone, Zippie OS, is blockchain based. Zippie is a tech firm specializing in products relating to the storage, generation and use of cryptocurrency. In addition to their operating system technology, the firm is working on various digital wallet and consumer crypto-banking projects.

The Motif uses Zippie technology, coupled with a magnetic card, to use cryptocurrency from the smartphone in a traditional way – just like using a regular debit or credit card. Also, its easy to transfer funds using the phone to friends or family. And, because its decentralized, there are no transaction or wire fees associated.

Cryptocurrency rewards are given for voluntarily sharing user data, making purchases online and more.

Who’s Behind The Motif?

The motif is the brainchild of a collaboration between Zippie and an artist/humanitarian named Pras Michel. The phone is a product of Michel’s new nonprofit organization called Blacture.

Michel defines the company as a renaissance of Black culture.

“Blacture is a platform that gives both voice and access. It will use technology to move the culture forward, faster. And we can do this while giving back every step of the way,” he said.

In addition to the mobile projects the group is taking on, such as the Motif, they have sights set on advancement in healthcare, entertainment, and editorial realms.

What Are the Tech Specifications of the Motif

The Motif is an Android powered smartphone. The key software features include

  • Android 8.0 Oreo
  • Blockchain-integrated digital wallet
  • Token-based reward program
  • Customized gesture interface for app shortcuts
  • Chat platform with black emojis

While the final design is still subject to change, as the phone has yet to be fully released, the hardware specifications that we do know about are equally as impressive. The phone is reminiscent of some of the most popular smartphones today such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series. Hardware specifications include

  • Nearly 6 inch full-high definition display
  • Dual, auto-focusing cameras – 16MP rear and 8MP front
  • Wireless charging
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Dual SIM setup
  • Near-field communication capability
  • Nationwide warranty support

One of the most highlighted features of the phone is the association with the magnetic card for payments and cash withdrawals. Up to this point, cryptocurrency was largely thought of as unrealistic for day-to-day usage. Making purchases and withdrawals as easy as using a regular debit or credit card is a step towards changing that perception.

The phone is also highly secure. As we mentioned, a blockchain is a fantastic way to secure information. Luckily, the Motif utilizes blockchain capabilities to their fullest extent and uses it to protect your data.

In 2018 we have seen many abuses of information by large corporations so having your info secured by the power of the blockchain may be quite attractive to you.

The Verdict? Still Too Early to Tell

We’re very happy that Pras Michel has launched Blacture as a way to represent black voices in technology. But for the time being, it’s too early to determine the usefulness of the Motif. The idea of using blockchain to power different aspects of a smartphone is intriguing though, and we’d bet the Motif isn’t the last phone of its type to come out in the news.

Blockchain has changed the way we conduct business, interact with computers, and store information. It’s only natural that those revolutions eventually make their way to our mobile technology. AS the technology develops, and the concept popularizes, it will be very interesting to see how major players in the smartphone industry respond.

The Blacture Motif is intended to release this fall. Will you be picking up one of the first?

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