If you're looking for a VPN to improve your privacy and security on the internet, then look no further. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the five highest-rated VPN services in our eyes.

Our Lowdown Of The Best VPN For Torrenting

Below, you’ll find the five best VPN for torrenting we think will be invaluable if you’re looking to begin doing just that. All of these services hold up to our high standards, and can also be used for a variety of other things too. Check them out.

Let's begin with the fifth highest-rated service on this list, called Cyberghost. The security on Cyberghost is excellent, partly because they don't keep logs. Jurisdiction is outside of the 14 Eyes, and encryption is extremely strong - they passed all security and DNS leak tests we threw at them.

However, we wouldn't recommend Cyberghost for its speed – while it was wasn’t bad, it wasn’t amazing either. The customization offered by Cyberghost is pretty extensive and unique in comparison to other services, especially when connecting to a server.

I absolutely love the Wizard setup moving to their usage, and they implement a block style UI, geared towards what activities you want to perform in that instance. All of their clients are good, but light on customization.

When it comes to stability, Cyberghost is a rock solid and had zero issues, and server selection is decent offering over 1300 servers in over 30 countries. The lowest price point offered is that two-year plan, which comes down to $3.50 per month. As for who the VPN is geared towards, we see Cyberghost targeted towards general users, mostly using VPN for web browsing and just any general usage.

If you want something with a broad amount of settings, but still simple and easy to use with fantastic security, Cyberghost is definitely a good option as one of the Best VPN for Torrenting.

Now we have the fourth highest service - Private Internet Access. Or to avoid saying a mouthful every time, PIA. PIA has extremely good security, with the only downside being their jurisdiction is based in the United States, which is under the 5 Eyes of the 14 Eyes program.

We’re going to let you guys decide how much you think jurisdiction impacts VPN security, since it's a very widely debated topic and we’re personally in the middle of the spectrum. Moving to speed, PIA did phenomenally in our testing, with only a slight drop off in P2P traffic. Customization is also fantastic.

In our opinion, one of the best balances between simplicity and features exist within the program. Usage-wise, PIA excels here as well. We liked all of their clients, and they even have a Linux client, which is amazing. The only complaint we have is that their desktop clients rely on the notification-based UI rather than a centralized program, of which we weren’t a fan.

There were no stability issues with using PIA, which is ideal. As for service selection, they offer over 3000 servers in 28 countries at the time of writing - an outstanding selection. Price-wise: the cheapest plan on PIA is their two-year plan at $2.91 per month, which is the second cheapest plan on this list.

When it comes to who we think PIA is geared towards, we can confidently tell you that it is geared towards the majority of the users out there, but is also one of the Best VPN for Torrenting.

It's great for torrenting, streaming, gaming and has very high download speeds, as well as a ton of customization and a Linux build. PIA definitely nails the majority of requirements of which people look for in a good VPN.

The bronze medal is awarded to IPVanish, a VPN which has excellent security and no issues except, like PIA, their jurisdiction is based in the United States, which is within the 14 Eyes. Speed-wise they are great. They have some of the best speeds on the market, which is good news for you gamers and streamers out there.

However IPVanish offers very few settings and you're not going to find a very extensive amount of customization either. Onto overall usage; the desktop clients don't have the most beautiful user interface, but they get the job done.

Unfortunately, there is no Linux client that isn’t ideal! Mobile clients on IPVanish are amazing and we absolutely love them. Stabilities are also fantastic. There were zero issues, so huge props to them. Let's not leave out their fantastic service selection, with over 1000 servers in over 60 countries.

Just to mention, IPVanish has pretty costly pricing - their cheapest plan is the one-year plan at $6.49 a month, making it the most expensive on this list.

So who is IPVanish targeting? Well, if you game, torrent, stream and download a lot, you're really not going to get your hands on a better VPN. Speed and security are absolutely fantastic. Just keep in mind that you've aren't going to be able to fully customize your VPN connection to maximize your security. All in all, though, IPVanish is an outstanding service.

Number two on the list, earning the silver is AirVPN. They did tie IPVanish, but AirVPN is slightly better in security, and security is the number one thing we look at when evaluating a VPN. Security really doesn't get much better than AirVPN. They are built by activists, who are passionate about keeping their users secure.

The only part of their security which raises an eyebrow is their jurisdiction based in Italy, which is within the 14 Eyes, not the 5 Eyes like the United States. However, speed is the biggest issue with AirVPN. It tested above average, but it's still the slowest on this list. However, there is no VPN we've ever used which offers the sheer amount of settings AirVPN has to offer and still be able to lay it out in a simple interface.

Usage has pros and cons: their desktop clients are pretty hideous and outdated, yet functional and easy to use. But the biggest highlight is their fully-fledged Linux client. If you use a Linux distribution frequently, this is the service you need in your life.

This does come at the cost of not having any mobile clients, forcing you to use OpenVPN on your mobile devices - so close to being perfect!

From what I've found, they have 215 servers in 19 countries, which is pretty weak server selection, but they are continually expanding. Their pricing is also not the best - their cheapest plan being the one-year plan is $5.59 per month.

AirVPN is hands down geared towards a very specific group of people. If you use Linux and you want a very good GUI VPN option, this is it. If you're a person who is reaching for high security and wants a lot of customization in your connection, this is it.

If you're not tech savvy and want something simple that just works - stay away from this service, because you are not going to enjoy using it. Bringing it all back together, though, AirVPN is the absolute best option for you high security users out there or anyone that has a Linux client, or just wants a lot of customization in their connection. We love AirVPN.

And finally, the first place winner of the gold medal is NordVPN, with a score of 4.7 out of 5. Nord is just great for so many reasons. First, their security is flawless. Even their jurisdiction is based in Panama, outside of the "14 Eyes". There is really nothing to complain about - absolutely top notch security. Unlike AirVPN, Nord speeds are also excellent.

Download speeds decreased by only 6 percent and uploads decreased by 4 percent, making it one of the fastest services we've ever tested. Where it does suffer is in customization.

It's geared towards a simple experience with very few settings, which is the premier complaint we have with Nord; before a majority out there, I doubt this is that big of an issue though and for some, this is a positive.

Usage is also great. Their UI layout and design is just beautiful; the same goes with their mobile clients. The only downside is there is no Linux client, which is very unfortunate for you Linux users out there. Stability is also rock solid.

From my last review, they were having some minor connection issues, but they have resolved everything as of today.

Nord is going to offer over 3300 servers in 60 countries, which is the best server selection on this list. And if all that didn't have you loving them, maybe your full wallet will. They offer a three-year plan for only $2.75 a month, making a three year plan the cheapest option on the list.

I'd recommend NordVPN to a huge majority of users out there, as it's casual usage is fantastic and speeds are great, making it an awesome option for gaming, streaming and downloading P2P traffic, and security is top notch.

The only group of people I wouldn't recommend Nord VPN to are those looking for a Linux client and those of you looking for a lot of customization in your VPN connection. Both of which I could recommend AirVPN to you, because it's also an excellent option, but honestly, you really can't go wrong with NordVPN.

A Few Things To Think About

Before we give you the honorable mentions, we’d like you to note a few things. Firstly, there's probably a service we haven't discovered yet and obviously because of that, it can't make the list. We do all of our testing on my devices where we’re based, so you might get a different experience with devices in a different location around the world.

Its just VPNs tend to work.

So make sure you’re satisfied with something right off the bat and if you're not - request a refund before the refund policy expires. Now, we’re also going to give you a few honorable mentions.

Here Are Our Honourable Mentions

First, we have ExpressVPN – while they do keep some logs, security's overall pretty good. Their speeds were average which unfortunately caused them to fall short of a top five spot.

express vpn logo

ProtonVPN Plus accounts have amazing security, amazing speed, but they let us down with usage and customization.

protonVPN screenshot

Next up, is Windscribe which is essentially just a good VPN that doesn't fail in anything, but doesn't really excel in anything either. Their free variant is one of the best free services available, next to using ProtonVPN.

windscribe VPN

And lastly we have VyprVP, which predominantly suffered insecurity and speed. Their usage stability and customization was quite impressive, however. But there are definitely issues with the service.


Comparison​ Table

The Best VPN For Torrenting Is?

Regardless of what security measures you already implement to keep your online acitivity secret, there are always plenty of other options that are worth considering. All of the above VPNs have great features, and some a few issues, but they are among the best you can put your faith in when looking for the best VPN for torrenting.

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