GPS watch technology is coming along in leaps and bounds. With their capabilities getting more and more fully-formed as time goes on, many people are jumping on the trend ahead of the curve and looking for the next best GPS Watch.

Our Picks For The Best GPS Watch

Down below are some of our picks for the best GPS watch. Take a look at them and let us know what you think.

Firstly, we’re going to take a physical tour of the watch, and given what a simple device the Zenwatch is, it's probably not going to take very long. At the back you will find the magnetic charging contact - this does require a proprietary cable, but understand that that’s the case for a reason.

The watch is IP67 rated, making it waterproof for all but the most demanding uses, like diving and, at least by the look of things, it's not a system that will need to be reinvented every single time Asus releases a new watch, like what Pedal has been doing for the last couple of years.

Moving to the side, we've got a traditional looking crown, but don't be deceived by its looks. It's just kind of soft feeling hold button, not a dial that can be spun or anything like that.

And then at the front is, depending on which model of the Zenwatch you opt for, either a 37 millimeter to 80x280 resolution display or a 41 millimeter 320x320 resolution display.

No matter which display size you go for, you'll be getting a functional, but not particularly stunning LED panel with a curved piece of Gorilla Glass 3, covering both it and the basels, then joining just about seamlessly with the metal casing that makes up the main body of the watch. The body is where things get interesting.

Of course the specs are nice, too - you've got a snapdragon 400 processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB of storage, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity with a 300 million power battery at the smaller body and a 400 million power battery in the larger one, but the solid feel of the device is what really makes the Zenwatch to stand out to me.

It's really well-constructed and manages to be low profile enough that the smaller model will work great for all but the smallest arms, with the 42 millimeter being a good size for most men.

Even with a mere 300 million power battery, the Zenwatch II never went below 25 percent battery at the end of even the longest of days for us, with the screen always displaying all critical information and a 5 second time out on the screen dimming function.

Just like with their motherboards, I initially ignored the optional software that goes with the watch. To say we were pleasantly surprised by the Zenwatch manager app, would be a gross understatement.

It's actually full of genuinely useful customization options, like being able to set the screen dimming timeout. The type of hand movements on analog watch faces and whether new notifications will pop up in the bottom of the screen on their own or stay hidden until you swipe them up. A really cool little touch.

For folks who care about privacy and for folks who just like their watch face to be clean all the time. This was my preferred watch face from my time with the Zenwatch II. I was able to choose up to six widgets, things like the battery life of my phone, battery life for the watch, the weather the community, etc., that can actually be clicked on to reveal more information if needed.

If you're willing to overlook the small errors in the system then there's a beautiful, well constructed, no frills wearable that stands up very well to other Android Wear devices, broadening the competitive analysis. I would argue that compared to the Apple Watch, this has much better functionality.

Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch - Black
  • Compatible with select Apple and Android phones - You can use this with most Android smartphones and tablets with OS...
  • 1.5" graphic OLED Display - See information in clear, easy-to-read detail with 96 x 16 pixels of resolution.

From a quick glance, you'd hardly know that the Notifier has advanced capabilities. That's because it uses a classic timepiece design, which is quite refreshing, considering what's out there. So let's first talk about design and boy, does it impress, especially if you have a thing for classic timepiece designs.

You have got to like the Martian Notified, just because it looks more like a traditional watch than a smartwatch.

In terms of size, it's not too bad. You can see by looking at it, it's not too thick, it has a good amount of bezel to it and overall it definitely radiates a sophisticated look. It's equally great in construction, too.

Thankfully, it doesn't feel cheap. That's because it's constructed from some very premium materials. So if we first talk about the casing, it's actually comprised of this resin plastic material. Now the version we got our hands on was black, but it's also available in red and white. Regardless, it's very resilient to smudges and fingerprints.

On the front here you have an entire scratch acrylic crystal that protects the timepiece, and surrounding that you have the stainless steel bezel, which again elevates its overall craftsmanship. There are two buttons on the left side here. The bottom one here is the slide by.

And you press it, it will cycle through a different modes and options with the smartwatch and if you hold it down, you can turn it on or turn it off.

Meanwhile, the top one button here is used to launch the voice service of the phone it's connected to. To the right we have the dial here to adjust the time. And you also have a microUSB port hidden behind the flap.

Now, it's nice that it is a standard port here, but it's recessed all the way down, so the cable itself that comes with the packaging has a slightly longer tip - it's not your traditional microUSB cable.

On top of that, seeing it has this flap, it doesn't make the smartwatch waterproof, so it can't submerge underwater. Though, they do say that it is splash-proof supposedly. So if you get a little bit of water in it, it's not going to ruin it at all.

The band itself is a silicone-based one, so it has a rubbery texture to it, and does a good job of being resilient against fingerprints and smudges, which is nice. It's also interchangeable, so you could actually remove it if you wanted to.

Martian sells the replaceable bands for 20 dollars a piece, so you can remove it, but it's actually the same 22 millimeter with ones used by a Samsung Gear smartwatches. If you have one for that, you could actually take it off and put it on here. You probably wouldn't know it, but this actually packs two different batteries too.

You have the coin battery watch, which is used to power the timepiece, which is good for up to two years and you don't have to worry about replacing it. But you do have to remove the screws here in the back. The other is the rechargeable battery, which is used to power the rest of device. With that, a full charge gives us approximately five days, which is pretty good going.

And then comes the timepiece, which is probably the focal point of the Martian Notifier. It uses an analog quartz watch, with Japanese movement and it's hard to see, but you also have a small strip at the bottom.

This strip is actually a very tiny 96x16 pixel LED display, which is used to view the different types of notifications and also some other information.

The thing about this is that it's discreet and it's also pretty potent with its lighting. So it's very visible even in outdoor conditions; to the left side there's an LED light too. In order to set up the Martian Notifier, you got to download the Martian Notifier app. This app supports iOS devices and any Android to .3.3 and up devices.

The app itself used to be initially paired via Bluetooth. And from here, we could set the types of alerts we wanted to receive - you could choose some stuff that you have installed on your phone, for example.

On top of that, you could also choose the type of vibration that emitted on the smartwatch itself. So when you get the notification, not only will you be able to see it visually on the display, but on the time display you also feel a vibration accompanying it.

Other stuff you could set is a repeater, or different alarms. And as far as the display's concerned, you could set a world clock too and a temperature, if you want.

Admittedly, the Martian Notifier is pretty light with its feature set. It’s not as comprehensive as other watches, but what it does really well is present us with some discreet notifications. So what happens here is that we feel a buzz, you see the LED light go on and you'll see the message scroll. And we just tap on display to dismiss it.

And then, up to five minutes after that if we tap again on display, we could view the same notification again.

Some of its secondary features include the ability to view a world clock, also the connectivity status, battery, date and even the weather information. Though one sees the time a little bit better at night, we could actually scroll and turn on the LED light. There's also a handy camera mode with Martian Notifier.

When you select an option, it's going to launch a camera application on your smartphone. This basically allows you can take photos remotely, so you just press the button, and it snaps a photo.

It's a pretty handy tool if you want to do like a timer, for instance, or just want to be included in the shot. And if by some chance, you misplace your phone, you can use the find phone feature to actually detect its whereabouts!

Last but not least, you can launch Google now by simply tapping on a button right there on the watch – it’ll launch the Google application on the phone. With a price tag of 130 dollars, it's not that bad.

You're not going to fork over as much money as you would, let's say, some of the other smartwatches out there, which generally start at $200. What you get here is a very elegant sophisticated-looking smartwatch, which has a classic design to it with a sprinkling of some smart functions, namely the notifications.

Looking For The Best GPS Watch

The choice of watches available nowadays is astounding, and it shouldn’t be taken likely when picking your next watch. Make sure to stay tuned for more coverage on the best tech news you’ll find on the net!

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