As your children grow, they will want to push boundaries and explore the outdoors. Whether your kid is out on a school tour, at a theme park, or just on a simple picnic, GPS tracking devices will give you one less thing to worry about.

And whether you kid is in middle school or starting kindergarten, these devices will help you keep tabs on your child’s day-to-day activities without being too intrusive.

However, it is quite difficult to pick the right GPS trackers for kids. There is a wide variety of monitoring gadgets on the market that offer different features. It is always recommended to understand the shortcomings of these products and specialize in what is most crucial for you.

Here are the best GPS trackers that you should consider:

Top 6 GPS Trackers for Kids 

1. Pocket-Finder GPS Tracker

This small tracker is reliable, durable, and has top-of-the-line security features.  Its plastic casing is waterproof and can endure a trip down the washer and dryer.

Even though it doesn’t have an SOS button like most GPS trackers, your child can tap the device thrice and it will send an emergency alert to your smartphone. You will also receive an alert when the pre-set geo-fences are crossed or when a speed limit of the vehicle your child is in is exceeded.

You can set up a geo-fence anywhere including at your kid’s school, neighbor’s house, or hockey practice.  More importantly, the device can last up to three days when fully charged.

2. Angle-Sense Guardian

This GPS device is very secure since it requires a key to take off. With the key, you’ll be the only person who can remove the device from your child. It can be worn under clothing, attached to shoes, or fitted to your child’s pocket, making it very difficult to lose.

Unlike most GPS trackers, you can listen in on your kid’s surroundings with this device. Its runner mode refreshes its location details every ten seconds to give you an accurate location history. You can also set up a group of contacts on the device in case of an emergency.

3. The Gator

If your main concern is communication, the Gator will provide you with a multi-network program for efficient one-on-one communication with your child.

This GPS watch has a geo-fencing feature which you can use to set up areas of interest such as your home, the park, and a friend’s house and alerts you when your kid leaves these places. It also has a four-day battery life when fully charged and comes in pink and blue colors, suitable for both boys and girls.

4. Tinitell

This is not only a GPS tracker equipped with real-time map monitoring but also a voice recognition wrist phone that is water resistant and very durable.

Using the Tinitell is quite simple – if your child gets lost or needs to contact someone, he or she will push the front fascia button and state the recipient name, and they will get an alert immediately. If your kid is adventurous and likely to get lost, this is the most suitable device for them.

5. Spyzie

This is suitable for older kids or teens who can take care of a smartphone. It is a GPS tracker application that you can install into your child’s smartphone without them knowing. Other physical GPS trackers can easily be cut off or lost, but Spyzie stands out on this basis.

Current virtual threats such as catfishing, cyberbullying, exposure to violence, and pornography can be kept on check by parents using this app. This cannot be done by simple GPS trackers.

6. Gizmo Pal 2 (KizOn)

The Gizmo Pal 2 is a GPS tracking watch for toddlers. It has a voice clock that keeps your kid entertained and comes with a compatible GPS application from which you can view your child’s location.

You can set boundaries for your kid and receive alerts each time your kid crosses them. The device also has a communication feature that you can use to call anytime you are worried about your child’s whereabouts.

GPS Tracking Has Never Been This Easy

There is no proper or improper parenting philosophy as long as your child is safe and sound. With a busy schedule and adventurous kids, you need to take advanced safety measures for your child and this includes GPS tracking.

Consider these six GPS tracking devices and worrying about your kid’s safety will be a thing of the past.

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