In this article, we’ll be looking at the Pod 3 GPS Tracker, to keep your dog’s whereabouts safe! With a whole host of important, useful features, the Pod 3 GPS is sure to be a vital part of your pet care going forward. Down below, find our take on the Pod 3, and further details on why you should get your hands on one.

The Pod 3

pod 3

The Pod 3 is marketed as a pet GPS for dogs, which is definitely its primary use; lots of pet stores actually carry their previous model. But this could easily be put onto drones, cars, bikes, motorcycles, boats - anything this thing can easily clip on to, it can definitely track.

The Pod 3 GPS Tracker plus activity monitor also works in 175 different countries. You can also check to see if your country is online prior to buying.

The Pod 3 supports 3G which is amazing, because a lot of 2G networks are being shut down. You have a Wi-Fi connectivity, which is great too, because when you’re indoors, you tend to lose your GPS signal quite easily. It also has Bluetooth support, which organizes details about all of these, once you get into the app.

A subscription is required, because it does require connection to a cellular network, but you can get as low as $4.95 per month, which is one of the lowest fees I've seen for a GPS for dogs.

You do have to pay for the whole year if you want that price, however. If you don't pay month by month it does go up to a slightly steeper $8.95 per month. The Pod 3 is waterproof, actually up to an IP x7 waterproof resistance rating.

It also has interchangeable batteries, which we were very interested by. What we really loved about this was the little tiny modules, which you are able to switch out and change panel for whatever situation you need them for. The battery itself is a C size battery, rather than a double 8 battery. The actual base of the Pod 3 is actually fairly lightweight – in fact, it doesn't feel like there's anything in here at all.

gps for dogs

Then you have the USB wire, which looks like it's connected to another battery and the charging base. That includes two batteries and includes two straps that are about six to seven inches long. The actual device, a lower GPS tracker, is probably about an inch, maybe an inch and a half long; the battery just clips right in, and then there's a lock (you just have to twist it).

We used one of the straps and put the strap through pretty easily. Pull it through, wrap it around, wherever you want. It's a little bit hard to get on, and definitely a little harder to get off. But you can do it, no doubt. We do really like the size of the Pod 3. It really is the size of C battery, which is a fine GPS for dogs and pretty much any pet out there, except for, of course, puppies and little kittens.

It doesn't weigh that much, it's not going to weigh down; we do wish it was more flat, rather than a cylinder shape, just because the way it looks on the pets, it's just isn't going to look right. There are other ones out there on the market that are more slim, even though they might be a little bit bigger, it might not be ideal for every pet.

This definitely will work pretty much for every pet as long as you don't mind the shape of it. And what's really cool about this; the design is definitely modular, so you can add additional accessories on here pretty easily. Now, these models haven't come out yet, because it's a brand new product. But they have advertised a couple of them that will be coming out soon.

There's a model that makes sounds, is advertised to be as low as 90 decibels. There's another module that makes a light. There's some that make a power dot module. So using a continuous power to your GPS tracker, if you want to put this on a boat, car and motorcycle, you can plug it directly into a USB port and continuously power the device. And of course, they do have an actual larger battery, so you can actually double the battery life. The very last one is similar to the sound module - one serving a sound that humans can’t hear - it's a ultrasonic sound that only your pets can hear.

The Pod 3 App

pod 3 app

We went ahead and downloaded the app to see what we could get into. Going down the list, it says your Wi-Fi zone is the area covered by your home Wi-Fi. A code is located within the Wi-Fi zone, so they are presumed at home and safe. The battery life of a Pod will increase when you connected to a home Wi-Fi. To set up, a Pod must be in range of your home Wi-Fi. We went ahead and clicked ‘Set up home Wi-Fi.’ After finding out, network, we put in the password – apparently, setup can take a few minutes.

Next, we configured activity in the Matrix. Pod helps you monitor your pet’s activity, recording rest, walk and play times. Each day activity ring fills up to a set target. This is kind of like your Apple Watch, with the little rings on there. Reaching a daily target, your pet is rewarded with a gold star. Two gold stars get them a trophy!

Compare rings with previous days and counterview to see how your pet is tracking, including an hourly break down, which is very cool. You can set your targets by moving the sliders to adjust the desired time for each activity. After setting targets, the next option is a zone alert.

Zone is a virtual fence around your property where your pet is free to roam. When they leave a zone, you will receive an alert on your phone. With zone alert on, their location is checked every five minutes.

Expect a one to two-day battery life; you can also adjust the refresh rate time intervals from five minutes up to two hours. With zone alert off though, close location is still updated every three hours, with no alerts are sent.

To set up first you have to enter the address, resize and position by dragging and pinching the map – it’s actually pretty cool. If your pet happens to leave the Wi-Fi safe zone of my house, she will still be in this geo-fence around my house. So we can include a neighbor’s house depending on how big you make the map – it won’t start sending alerts until she wanders off past that.

What's also nice is that you can set up multiple safe zones, so if you happen to take your pet to a friend or family member's house quite often, you can definitely know that they're within that geo-fence and not worry about them. In addition to setting up multiple safe zones, you can set up a zone refresh rate depending on the zone.

The default for this is five minutes, but you can set that to two minutes, 10 minutes, 15, or all the way up to two hours. Understand, the more often that updates, the quicker the battery is going diminish.

dog walking in the park

The last setting is the adventure recording. Find out what your pet is up to with this interesting tracking feature - GPS positions are recorded every ten seconds. Expect a battery life of six to eight hours, however.

Start adventure outside to ensure a GPS recording starts as quickly as possible, we noticed it flashed green when the GPS had started. We can record now, or record later if we prefer. Like all GPS trackers out there, the more often it refreshes its GPS location, the more the battery life is going to diminish.

So, when it's just communicating every three hours, it's going to last for days on end. Two hours will be shorter, one hour very short and to like every ten seconds of the adventure recording, it's going to diminish down to 60 hours. Understand, the settings have a big effect on your life.

Going back to the main page, you can see devices that are close by and refreshed about 10 minutes ago. If you press this, you can rename the device, and you can add in the details about your pet, plus there are some added how-to tutorials. If you have the multiple GPS trackers, they'll be listed right here. Or you can go up here at the top, you can add a new pet and go into settings, which we’ll run through now.

You have your e-mail address, Pods, your home location, the home Wi-Fi and different maps - so everyone's seen in different maps. Auto-zoom to marker, if you want that map to zoom in to where your marker is or your GPS tracker is, different distances are by default in miles.

The weight is pounds, so that may change if you're in different countries, or depending on what language you speak. And there are the notification sounds, which we can easily change. Phone sounds or Pod sounds, we're going to leave the Pod sounds. And if you want to link your account to Facebook, or you need additional help, you can hit the help button, and there's a bunch of different tutorials and things you can find information about - or you can contact the support team.

The Simplicity Of The Pod 3

But that's it, in all honesty. The Pod 3 is very simple and to the point, which we love. There's not a lot of mumbo-jumbo, it knows exactly what it's doing. We love how it has multiple safe alerts, Wi-Fi zones and how it came up with multiple ways to customize and maximize the battery life. We also love how the system is modular and you can add additional accessories to it, or use it in 175 different countries.

It’s also amazing how it's Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2G and 3G. The only complaint is the design of it, and how it looks like a little C battery. It's not that big of a complaint, it just looks kinda weird, hanging off your dog. It could be flatter and less obvious, but hey, it’s almost perfect.

If you want to see some other GPS for dogs, there are a plethora of them online. We found this to be our favorite though. Let us know your thoughts on GPS trackers, and any more you want us to cover!

Is This Truly The Best GPS For Dogs?

The Pod 3 is an incredibly full-featured GPS tracker, with a huge amount of features to help you maintain peace of mind when trying to keep your pet in check. It’s worth the dollar for sure!

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