Think back on your life and see if you’ve ever found yourself in this situation – you’re in an important meeting or lecture and the presenter is speaking so fast that you can’t keep up.

Maybe this one resonates with you – your boss is giving you a list of assignments and you don’t have a notepad handy so you try to keep track of everything mentally.

Whatever your situation, AiSense, a team of artificial intelligence engineers in Los Altos, has created technology to alleviate some of the stresses of missed auditory information.

We spend so much time speaking to one another at work, school and at home and it is not uncommon for some information shared verbally to be lost or forgotten.

AiSense Otter Offers a Solution

If you’re unfamiliar with AiSense, you should learn their name. In the near future, you’ll likely be hearing more about them. AiSense is a group of software engineers who develop new methods for the world to interact with computers in their daily lives. Backed by the same initial investors as companies like Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, Google, and Slack, AiSense is destined for lifestyle-altering successes.

AiSense has a history of leadership in projects regarding location technology, research in speech recognition, natural language processing, and infrastructure development at some of the biggest names in tech such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Nuance, and Cisco.

Now, they’re making the leap into voice AI. Voice AI is the integration of intelligent, human-like conversational interfaces into the non-intelligent tech we use daily. Developments like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are good representations of the imminent emergence of this tech.

Otter, a voice to text app by AiSense, is at the forefront of innovation for accurate transcription services using voice AI.

The Applications for AiSense Otter are Endless

We’re all familiar with the applications of some of the other leaders in voice AI – asking Siri to check the weather, telling Alexa to turn the lights down low, and endless other commands our new virtual assistants will respond to.

Otter has a different type of application and frankly is better than any other voice to text app on the market today.

Otter is aimed at journalists, students, and business professionals for seamless transcription of interviews, lectures, meetings and more. Additionally, Otter boasts usefulness for Information Services to transcribe both consumer and B2B focus groups and interviews, to monitor customer engagement in customer service applications, and to index and pre-sort footage in a media application.

One feature that sets Otter apart is the extent to which the tech is scalable. The platform has been designed specifically with scalability in mind and, as such, is entirely cloud based. AiSense offers solutions for enterprises that are prepared for, “Huge volumes of speech in near real-time.”

What Sets Otter Apart From Other Voice AI Apps

Otter has a few unique features that we feel should be highlighted. Otter boasts a technology they call Ambient Voice Intelligence™. This feature

  • Allows for automatic speech recognition
  • Identifies different speakers in the same recording
  • Creates separate transcripts for each speaker
  • Syncs audio and text, highlighting each written word as it is said aloud
  • Archives transcripts to be searchable at any time

The approach to tech that is championed by AiSense is “Made for Humans” and, in this case, they certainly live up to it. Otter integrates seamlessly with the business, academic, and recreational activities you already partake in and improves upon the user experience.

The Experience of Using AiSense Otter

Otter is available for both Apple and Android devices. After downloading, simply click on the otter logo icon to launch the app.

Initially, the app will request that you record a “Voiceprint” to better identify your voice in the future. This clip also serves as your first transcription to give you a better idea of how the app works. After recording a short script provided by the app, you are taken to a screen that shows the date and time of your recording.

It will take a bit of time to process, but, eventually, you should be presented with an interactive transcript of your recording – and it will likely be pretty accurate.

After that, you’re ready to start recording. There is a big, blue microphone icon that acts as a shortcut to a new recording. After recording, you can add written notes. Additionally, you can take photos during your recording session that will be timestamped and marked at exactly the point in the course of the recording it was taken.

Cost of AiSense Otter

Otter is considerably cheaper than other voice to text apps on the market today – the starting plan is free. Plus, the starting plan is not a skimpy plan by any means. For free, users can record up to ten hours of audio monthly.   

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